Hello! I'm Aimilios Seimenis, and I was born in Athens, Greece where I also completed my BSc in Games Programming at SAE Athens.

Video games and technology have always been a huge part of my life ever since my parents introduced me to them as a child. I've always had a profound curiosity on how systems function at their core. As a teenager, I tinkered with programming, writing my own scripts and modifying the games I played.

Since 2015, I've designed, programmed, and released nearly twenty games under the "Æmilius" alias, taking part in game jams like Ludum Dare, the Global Game Jam, and the Extra Credits Jam, where they've been recognized for their theme interpretations, innovative design and fun factor.

Outside of games, I've released popular e-learning apps that have reached top chart positions on Google Play, and I've also directed, filmed, and edited videos that have amassed tens of thousands of views on YouTube.

I'm a firm believer that games are an important cultural product and an art form, and I'm interested in working in games in a professional capacity to make that belief a reality through my work.