Hello there! I'm Aimilios Seimenis, a passionate and detail-oriented game developer from Athens, Greece.

As a child, I had a profound curiosity about how systems function at their core. This often resulted in me breaking something in my house every week just to figure out how it worked. As a teenager, I began tinkering with programming by writing my own scripts and modifying the games I played.

I released my first game in 2015, and since then I've been involved in over twenty games, mostly participating in game jams such as Ludum Dare, the Global Game Jam, and the Extra Credits Jam, where my work has been recognized for its theme interpretations, innovative design, and fun factor.

In 2020, I started becoming involved in games professionally, expanding beyond entertainment to other fields such as e-learning, medical, and interactive media.

In 2022, I graduated from the Middlesex University with a Bachelor's Degree in Games Programming with First Class Honours, writing a thesis on the subject of Non-Speech Voice as Input in Video Games for Accessibility Purposes.

Currently, I work full-time for IPHIGAMES as a Junior Developer. My projects include Abtos Covert, a horror game released on Steam in 2023.